Rafe won't "eat out" on Valentine's Day

rc3.org: (Not) Eating out on Valentine's Day

I'm not a Valentines Day guy. I think Valentine's Day is stupid at best, at worst... criminal.

Five years ago, I got a sinus cold just before I was supposed to fly to San Francisco for an interview with NetStruxr, so I had to drive there instead. Since NetStruxr was paying for the flight, but now I was paying for the drive down, I decided to bring my family (Cheryl and Cyan) with me.

We arrived in San Francisco at about 4:30pm. By the time we were settled into our motel room in Daly City, it was dinner time. We drove around trying to find a place to eat. The Outback Steakhouse had a huge line in front so we kept going. So did the next place. I couldn't believe how busy the restaurants were! After being told I'd have to wait at least 90 minutes with no reservation, I asked at one restaurant, "are restaurants always this busy in San Francisco, we can't find anywhere to eat!" The girl looked at me incredulously and said, "This is not uncommon for Valentine's Day, sir."

Oh. Oops. Went back to the car... "Happy Valentines Day honey!" Neither of us had remembered! We obviously had other things on our mind at the time, me being unemployed and racing down I5 to get to a job interview.

We ate at Boston Market in Daly City. No line! :-)

Written on February 15, 2006