A dead issue

TSN: Gretzky: "It's a dead issue now"

"Monday afternoon Gretzky was contacted by New Jersey Police and informed about the charges against Rick Tocchet and the fact that his wife Janet would be questioned as part of the investigation.

Shortly after that, Gretzky was said to have phoned Tochett to find out what was going on and according to the source that was the conversation between Tocchet and Gretzky that was recorded on Police wiretap. This contradicts earlier reports that suggested Gretzky may have had prior knowledge of the alleged gambling ring."

Bingo. So the NJ police knew since Monday the tapped phone call between Tocchet and Gretzky occurred after they called Gretzky to inform him of the situation, but that little detail didn't come out until today. So this scandal was allowed to brew all week when it didn't have to. Why? Well I already said why, and this news does nothing to make me think I was wrong.

Gretzky was right, New Jersey is a Mickey Mouse operation.

Written on February 12, 2006