Ovechkin Collection - Google Video

Google Video: Ovechkin Collection

Google Video is great! I did a search for Ovechkin and found quite a few nice ones. Here's a great collection of Ovechkin highlights.

To be honest, I think he's my favourite (active) hockey player right now. Ovechkin is a dominating force. He deserves the Calder (top rookie) and the Hart (MVP) trophies this year, not only for the excitement he brings every time he's on the ice but for carrying a bad team on his back and still having fun doing it.

If I was an NHL GM, I'd give up anything and everything to have him on my team. If you live in DC, go to a Caps game, this show he'll put on is worth the price of admission by itself.

The rookie crop of 2005-06 is phenomenal... Ovechkin, Crosby, Phaneuf (good Edmonton boy, too bad he plays for the Flames), Svatos, Jokinen, Prucha, Miller, Vanek. This year the NHL saw so many legends leave the game, but it looks to be in good hands with these kids.

Written on January 29, 2006