WebKit (Safari) finally gets a DOM Inspector

Surfin Safari: Introducing the Web Inspector (via Stepwise)

"I would like to introduce a new addition to WebKit - the Web Inspector. The Web Inspector lets you browse the live DOM hierarchy in a compact HUD style window, catering to the needs of web developers and WebKit hackers alike."

One of the biggest reasons I used Firefox almost exclusively before going back to school was the DOM Inspector - I spent a lot of time dealing with DOM/CSS issues in Plone sites and the DOM Inspector was the best tool to debug / explore DOM situations. Now that I'm not doing web work regularly, and especially since Tiger came out, I've been using Safari. The odd time I found myself doing some Plone stuff I'd whip out Firefox. I'm sure I'll still need Firefox to test compatibility, but now I'll also be able to do the heavy lifting in Safari.

Written on January 18, 2006