My T610 has a growing blob of yellow pixels

My Sony Ericsson T610 has developed this weird yellow rash. A couple of days ago I noticed a few "stuck pixels", yellow, in the middle of the screen. It's been growing and changing since then and now there's got to be at least 35 yellow pixels on the screen. At first I thought it was just dead pixels, but when it started growing and changing over time I wondered if I had a virus.

I did a Google search and found a few people have described the same phenomena!

Applefritter: T610 stuck pixels...

"bought a second hand T610 off of eBay the other week. It was fine up until this morning when I awoke to find a nice yellow blob in the middle of the screen. Great, dead pixels!"

Mobiledia: T616 Virus? - Sony Ericsson Talk

"a couple of pixels on my screen started to turn yellow. First it was a couple and now it keeps spreading. Someone told me it may be a virus, but I've never heard of that, any clues?"

But then this person actually found a way to get rid of them.... unfortunately I don't understand what was done to make it happen:

myForum: T610 with yellow pixels on screen

"As you may have read it somewhere in the forums I had a problem on my screen with yellow pixels on my screen. I screwed my phone open, and took out the screen. I checked out what the problem was, I wanted to see it better and I took a lamp, a very hot one. I put the screen to the lamp and I saw it was going yellow fully. I packed it with some silver paper and waited untill the screen was at a normal temp again. I looked at the screen again and I saw that all the yellow pixels came together. I could just move the yellow pixels. So I moved them out of the screen. The yellow pixels could be air in the screen. The phone works perfectly again now."

What is silver paper, and why was it used, and how was it used? I did a Google search and looked in wikipedia, and nothing turned up (though I can buy it from a number of shops)

This problem is becoming really annoying so I'd definitely like to solve it.

Written on January 14, 2006