Sleep inertia? Finally, a name for it... Study: Waking up like being drunk (via /.)

'If it takes a while to clear the cobwebs after waking up, that's understandable -- "sleep inertia" leaves some people so groggy they might as well be drunk, researchers said on Tuesday.'

I've always said "I'm not a morning person". Now I might finally have a stronger case for why that is! Usually when I wake up, I'm in a daze for the first hour. For the last couple of years I've used this time to catch up on my favourite web sites (usually hockey-related), an admittedly non-productive activity, because it's "safe" and essentially mindless, but it gets me going. Also, it didn't take long after starting with Tyrell before Mark and I agreed that I shouldn't write any emails, especially to customers, until I've been awake at least an hour. :-)

It would be great if scientists could find a way to counter this inertia, because I'd get some very valuable productive time back every day.

Written on January 12, 2006