Guy Kawasaki loves hockey?

Guy Kawasaki: New Mac laptop plus 2 other things

"I made the big time: an interview on!"

WTF? Nothing ventured,
nothing gained
(via Guy Kawasaki's blog)

'I noticed that Macintosh evangelist, venture capitalist, author Guy Kawasaki has started his own blog. I am a sucker for great stories, so I surfed to Kawasaki's site immediately to see what he was up to now when I saw this sentence in his blog: "If only I could get paid for answering the question, 'How can I get people to evangelize my product?' I would be able to stop working and play hockey every day."'

Exsqueeze me? Baking powder? He's smarted than I thought (and I thought he was pretty darn clever to begin with).

I was reading his interview being really impressed, then I read this:

"I saw Mario Lemieux and Sidney Crosby both score against the Rangers a few months ago. That was cool. Also, I took my whole family to the Heritage Classic in Edmonton. Now that was an experience to remember."

Awww... I did not need to be reminded how much I wanted to go to that game. The guy has been into hockey for 3 years and he takes his whole family up there. I've lived and breathed Oilers hockey since I was 4 years old, practically offered my left nut for tickets, and I didn't make it. Sigh.

Written on January 12, 2006