Avoid: FIFA 06 Road to the World Cup

I've been playing EA Sports' FIFA soccer games for many years. I expected the Xbox 360 version to be awesome, but unfortunately it is not, in fact it's downright frustrating to play.

Find and read reviews about this game and you'll get the general idea, I won't bother repeating the same complaints. But one thing I haven't seen mentioned anywhere, and its driving me nuts, is the player I'm controlling can only move straight up and down, straight side-to-side, or at 45-degree angles. The controller is analog and it won't even let me control the direction my player moves. Analog control has been available on all other platforms for years! Obviously the game was rushed to completion, but this is an inexcusable omission.

If I could return the game I would. Maybe I'll trade it in for a different game or sell it on craigslist or something.

Written on December 28, 2005