Subscribe to funny video via iTunes thanks to

macosxhints: Subscribe to video via iTunes

"A friend pointed me to this writeup on, which describes how to use iTunes to subscribe to a feed of any sort of video that you'd like to see. For instance, to subscribe to a feed showing all "Funny" tagged video clips, use iTunes' Advanced: Subscribe to Podcast menu item and point it to this URL:

The writeup explains how to modify and find the feed URL for any tag type.

As some of you may know, I've struggled to understand the podcasting phenomenon. But now that I can subscribe to a series of short, free, and (hopefully) funny video clips, I think I might actually have to re-enable the Podcast section in iTunes..."

I downloaded some of the videos currently available in that feed, and they are indeed funny! I especially loved the Streblo! movie.

Written on October 14, 2005