Mail server setup, IMAP it is

Over the weekend I upgraded my Linux box to FC4, and then configured it to be the primary storage for my personal email account.

I set up Cyrus IMAPd, Sendmail and Fetchmail. Fetchmail contacts my ISP's POP server to get my email, sends it to Sendmail (which in turn gets procmail to call SpamAssassin to identify spam) which then delivers the mail to Cyrus.

I did this because my mail was getting too big for my PowerBook's HD, and I wanted to be able to access my mail from any computer in my house, or from school, or anywhere else.

As a result I've lost the ability to search my mail using Spotlight, which sucks hard, but seeing as Spotlight searchs on my machine were dog slow and inaccurate anyway (re-indexing my drive might have helped, I don't know), I don't see it as a big loss.

Next I'm going to do Cheryl's account, because she likes to access her email from her PowerBook G3 in the kitchen (which she works on) and the family's mac mini in our bedroom.

Written on October 11, 2005