NewsGator Acquires NetNewsWire, Brent

NewsGator: NewsGator Technologies Acquires NetNewsWire

"NewsGator Technologies, Inc., the leading RSS platform company, announced today that it has acquired NetNewsWire, the leading RSS reader for Mac OS X. NewsGator also announced that NetNewsWire will integrate tightly with the NewsGator Online synchronization platform. Brent Simmons, the creator of NetNewsWire, will be joining the NewsGator team as a product architect."

That's fantastic news for Brent and Sheila! Congratulations!! I don't know anything about NewsGator, but I assume if Brent would join them it means fantastic things for us NNW users too!

But here I am, typing this into MarsEdit after clicking the "Post with MarsEdit" button in my Safari toolbar... what about MarsEdit?

Nothing about this on or yet.

Written on October 4, 2005