No Nickelback on iTMS Canada

The #1 song on the US iTMS is Photograph by Nickelback. Unfortunately, I can't buy it because it's not available in the Canadian iTMS... which is ironic and stupid since Nickelback is a Canadian band!

I've emailed Apple about this in the past, not that I expected their catalog to appear on iTMS the next day, but just to voice my displeasure.

I just called Roadrunner Records, Nickelback's label, to ask why this is the case. They told me there is a different publisher in Canada for the iTMS than in the US, and the one in Canada doesn't have the rights to the songs yet, or something to that effect, but that they are working on it.

The probability of me downloading Nickelback's songs elsewhere increases with each passing day. It's legal for me to do that in Canada you know, as long as I don't then upload the songs to other computers. I greatly prefer to use the iTMS because it's more convenient, but eventually I'll consider myself more inconvenienced for not being able to listen to the songs I crave.

Written on September 28, 2005