Ping Pong this winter

Yesterday I went to see my family doctor. My right knee (which has a long and painful history to begin with) has been very sore for a couple months since Xavier jumped off the couch and landed on my right kneecap (I was sitting on the living room floor, legs straight).

My doctor checked it out and told me what's going on, basically the cartilage under the kneecap is .... um, can't remember what he said exactly, but basically it's in bad shape because of the impact, and it's going to take about 6 months before it feels better. Wonderful... so much for playing tennis and squash this winter like I usually do. (He said I'm not to play until my knee feels much better)

So I was thinking, what could I do instead? 9 years ago or so when I was recovering from my original knee injury, my dad bought me a great Kettler table tennis conversion top to put on our (junky) pool table. We played tons of table tennis, and it was great to have a fun activity that approximated the racquet sports I enjoy so much.

Why not do the same this winter? I happened to be driving past the racquet shop I've been doing business with forever, and saw they had a great table tennis table on sale outside.

I pulled over, we went inside, and after some thinking we decided to get it! It's a display model but in perfect condition, so it was on sale (nearly $200 off) + the $75 assembly fee. After taxes that's over $300 in savings!

So, Cheryl and I have our Xmas present a little early this year. :-) Now I have to make space in our basement to set it up.

Written on September 23, 2005