His Name Is Earl

NBC.com: My Name Is Earl

You know a show is good when the day after seeing the premiere you can't wait until next week so you can see the next show. :-)

I'm a big fan of Jason Lee from his roles in Kevin Smith's movies. He was hilarious. I don't watch any network television whatsoever, so for me to make the effort to remember to watch a show at a particular time and then sit through it was quite the surprise.

If you missed the premiere, find it (somehow) and watch it before next week. I think it's very clever how they've set themselves up for serious longevity by giving Earl such a long quest. :-)

Oh, and the guy they cast for Randy is perfect! It took me a few minutes to remember where I saw him before, but of course, he's the guy that couldn't find the sailboats in the picture in Mallrats! LOL!

Written on September 21, 2005