Mambo team splits over foundation, IP concerns

OpenSourceMatters: Mambo Open Source Development Team - Letter to the community (via /.)

"We, the development team, have serious concerns about the Mambo Foundation and its relationship to the community. We believe the future of Mambo should be controlled by the demands of its users and the abilities of its developers. The Mambo Foundation is designed to grant that control to Miro, a design that makes cooperation between the Foundation and the community impossible."

I'm not a fan of Mambo, but I think it's great the developers are doing the right thing. Contrast with the Plone Foundation, which IMHO, was done right. That's not to say it was done perfectly, or that there aren't issues or that everyone in the Plone community agrees with every goal of the Foundation, but by and large, the founders, almost all developers, had the right interests at heart.

I wish the new Mambo team all the best!

Written on August 18, 2005