Dell would sell Mac OS X if it could

David Kirkpatrick, FORTUNE: - Dell Says He'd Sell Apple's Mac OS (via /.)

'"If Apple decides to open the Mac OS to others, we would be happy to offer it to our customers," Dell wrote in an email. It's the first time any PC industry executive has openly shown enthusiasm for selling machines with Apple's software. Though that's all Dell would say for the record, I suspect his interest is not unknown to Jobs.'

I would be shocked if Apple would take them up on their offer (at least publicly) any time soon, but once they have their own Intel-based machines out and Mac OS X has gained acceptance on Intel (in large part because Apple is controlling the user experience) this could be a great opportunity for them.

Regardless of the outcome this is a win for Apple, it adds even more credibility to Mac OS X (as if it needed more).

Written on June 16, 2005