WebObjects 5.3 released with new tools! WebObjects 5.3 Release Notes

Apple Developer Connection: WebObjects 5.3 Release Notes

"With this release, WebObjects is now part of the Xcode 2.1 Developer Tools distribution. You can now create and edit an entity-relationship model using either Xcode's EO Model design tool or EOModeler—a separate development tool packaged with WebObjects.

This release also provides an updated WebObjects Builder, HTML/XHTML compatibility, Java Collection Classes support, updated WebServices, and Oracle 10g support."

Several people asked me if I had (or will) quit using WebObjects. The truth is I haven't been using it lately, but I said if Apple didn't announce a new version today I would consider it officially dead. Thankfully, that is not the case at all!

So now you get WebObjects Developer free with Mac OS X Tiger, and WebObjects Deployment free with Mac OS X Tiger Server... interesting, the WebObjects page doesn't list a WebObjects product anymore for $699. Is WebObjects 5.3 deployment supported on other platforms? If so, how do you license it? Hopefully I'll learn tomorrow morning, but if I find out I probably can't say anything because of the NDA (at WWDC).

Installing Xcode 2.1 (with WO 5.3) now...

Written on June 7, 2005