on Rexx Rexx: Power Through Simplicity

That was a nice flashback. :-) Back in my OS/2 days I did a lot of Rexx scripting. It's quite an enjoyable scripting language. OS/2 later added ObjectRexx, which was an OSA-compliant scripting language (yes, OSA, the open scripting architecture, the foundation for AppleScript) you could use to script OpenDoc documents in OS/2 (yes, OpenDoc shipped as a standard part of OS/2 Warp v4, imagine that!)

Years ago driving on I5 in the USA, I stopped at an outlet bookstore and found a copy of the "The NetRexx Language". It's still on my bookshelf. :-) Mike Colishaw, the inventor of Rexx and an expert on decimal arithmetic, is also one of the driving forces behind the improvements java.math.BigDecimal in Java 5.

IBM: NetRexx 2

Rexx Language Association was given ObjectRexx under an open source license from IBM recently.

IBM's main REXX page.

Written on May 28, 2005