Napoleon Dynamite and Bill Gates video Intel CEO Extols Patience; Yahoo Stresses Personalization; Bloggers Take Center Stage (via )

"Mr. Gates's latest video incarnation, shown at the D: conference Monday, cast him in a send-up of "Napoleon Dynamite," with Mr. Gates tagging along with the movie's vertically haired title character (played by Jon Heder) and playing straight man to his rambling questions about Microsoft technology (no teleporting either of mice or men), listening patiently to Napoleon's Dungeons & Dragons-style ideas for Microsoft Bob, and weathering Napoleon's scorn that the powers that come along with Mr. Gates's knighthood are decidedly limited. (No, Mr. Gates does not lead centaur armies, though Napoleon does warn a co-worker that "he's a flipping knight -- he can like joust and everything.")"


I must see this video! If you know where to find it, please e-mail me a link.

Sure, Apple's cool with Mac OS X and iPod, but does Steve Jobs make flippin' sweet videos like that? No! Dang!

Written on May 26, 2005