is Halo 2 Statistics Tracking from RSS feeds Online Stat Storage and Viewing tools for Halo 2

A few weeks ago I saw this site, but forgot what it was called. Until that time I've been trying to find it. I even tried search engines other than Google.

I searched for: (among many other attempts)

halo 2 stats, halo free statistics,
halo rss tracking, and many many more, but finally this one found it for me: halo stat rss register

Why? I think because they have "Stat" in their title. No statistics, no tracking, no free, no rss, no stats, no tracker, none of those obvious words in their title. Hopefully once my site is re-indexed people will find that web site because its operators aren't helping people find it.

Stat Storage and Viewing tools? ARGH!

Written on May 17, 2005