Books for today's Java stack

I'm working on (at least) three big Java projects this summer. None will be using WebObjects, so I'm coming up to speed on a number of modern open-source Java tools. I was in Orange County for training last week, and decided I need a new bookshelf for these tools.

Disturbingly, most of the books I wanted were full price on, so despite free shipping, it was cheaper to buy them on, have them shipped overnight to where I was staying in Orange County, and risk paying duties and taxes when I crossed the border than it was to buy them on (The prices on were similarly bad) Even the books that did have discounts on were still prohibitively more expensive than on Absolutely ridiculous. I emailed a few weeks ago to complain DVDs were cheaper at local retail stores... I think I'll email them again about this. What's the point of if the goods are at MSRP?

Here are the books I brought back with me...

I started reading 'Spring: A Developer's Notebook' immediately. I like the format, and I'm grokking Spring. Dependency Injection is a good thing. I need to get started with Hibernate and Tapestry ASAP though.

We'll probably be using Eclipse as our IDE, but I'm evaluating IntelliJ IDEA. So far I really like it. Not sure if I'd recommend it over Eclipse yet, given the cost difference. It must not be easy being a commercial Java IDE developer these days! If you're using IDEA, or some other cross-platform Java IDE (sorry, Xcode need not apply), can you tell me why you prefer it over Eclipse?

Written on May 8, 2005