Mobile AIM - IM Forwarding

AOL: Mobile AIM - IM Forwarding

"Once you have set up and turned on IM Forwarding, your buddies will see that you're on your mobile phone and can send instant messages to you just like they normally do. Instant messages are automatically forwarded to your mobile phone as text messages."

They sure are! I registered my cell phone with it last night and now I get messages on my cell when I'm idle or offline in iChat. One more reason to love my cell phone plan with Fido... I have unlimited incoming text messages. :-)

I could have used this over the last 8 months at school, once I'm done my final exams I'll be tethered to my computer full time again until September. At least I know I'll be able to say, run an errand and still get IMs. Unfortunately I can't reply back through AIM using the cell phone, but IMHO this is still a huge leap forward.

Written on April 14, 2005