8,022 lines of code later

Last night I finished the Swing assignment. I used a proper MVC architecture and it wasn't as torturous as I expected, but it wasn't joyful either.

I feel like porting the whole thing to Cocoa/Objective-C juts to see how much smaller the codebase would be. Of course I don't have the time and doubt I'll ever do it, but I'm curious.

Assignment 3, which was implementing the domain and test cases, was 4566 lines of code (and comments), 1658 of which were in test case classes.

Assignment 4, which included assignment 3 minus the test cases weight in at 6364 lines of code.

And now we have to do this Tetris game by April 12th (our final is on the 11th, classes end on the 8th).

Despite taking one less class this term I think the workload has actually been higher. Not what I was hoping for (it's taken away from the time I can spend working when I had hoped for the opposite this term).

Written on March 15, 2005