Terry Jones: Edmonton will win

Terry Jones, Edmonton Sun: Edmonton will win

"But now that the players know what happened to them and where they're really at here, I suddenly have hope for hockey next October. In the end, I believe this will now be a season worth losing."

Hurrah! I'm so glad the NHL did not give up its fight. Yes they did this for themselves, but Canadian hockey fans are the winners here. Even if the NHL is weaker overall for a long time, it will be strong in Canada because we love the game, we love playing it, watching it, cheering for it, and paying for it. But now the players know, unequivocally, we won't pay more than what is fair.

"Goodenow thus appears to have lost one of the biggest bets in the history of pro sport."

And now he has to go.

Written on February 16, 2005