Making a life poster

The Mike Matas Blog: How to make a Life Poster (via Stepwise)

"After posting photos of my apartment a couple weeks ago I got tons of people asking how I made my "Life Poster" seen in this photo. Here are my instructions to create one in about 20-30 min for about $29. Good Luck!"

I've been wanting to do something like this for months but was thinking about printing out dozens of 4x6 photos and tiling them. This makes a lot more sense. On the long wall of our living room, there's an 20" tall (approx) piece of wall that goes down from the ceiling that conceals the curtain rod (not sure what to call that feature, and I'm not sure what else it's for other than that). I was thinking of tiling family photos across the entire 20" x 18'... assuming that 18" estimation is reasonable, that would mean I'd need approximately 5x2x18 = 180 pictures.

With those 20x30" prints I could just make 7 of those and be done. I wonder what would be cheaper, 7 of those or 180 prints on my Canon PIXMA iP4000... even if the printer option was slightly cheaper, the additional time it would take to apply 180 pictures instead of 7 prints would more than make up for the difference. :-)

Written on February 1, 2005