Yeah I remember that

Scripting News: 1/27/2005

"I see Derek Powazek is complaining again. Oy. You'd think for once he'd be happy, he got nominated for something really nice. I'd give my right nut to get nominated for Lifetime Achievement in weblogs. (Not really, but you get the idea.)

Anyway, I'd love to see the pointer to where I supposedly said he was brain-dead. If I said it, I apologize, that would be a really mean thing to say, and obviously not true. On the other hand, I probably said his design was brain-dead, which is an opinion, a way of saying it could stand a lot of improvement."

A way of saying 'it could stand a lot of improvement'? Ahhhh, I get it! Like, I say "you're an complete and total asshole", but it's just a way of saying you annoy people from time to time. Got it. It means a lot more than that, as does saying someone's site is brain-damaged.

Here's the link...

Scripting News: 2/16/2000

"Looks like I hit a nerve over in PowazekLand. OK, yes, to answer your question, you do need design help. Your site is the most brain-damaged weblog I've ever seen. "Design" does not mean "Do it differently from everyone else." Derek, you don't even know how to do a friggin email link. Learn, you're still young, there's time!!"
Written on January 27, 2005