Belated Christmas present arrives, 1000 chips

Yay! Cheryl planned on getting me a set of (500 11.5g) poker chips from Costco for Xmas, but they ran out of stock just before she got there. They finally got more in yesterday or today, so we went and picked them up. I ended up getting a second set, because often we play with quite a few people, so 500 wouldn't always be enough. It would really suck to get another set later that doesn't match, so I just got 2 sets now instead.

On the way home, Cheryl said she wants to have a poker party for her birthday next week. That's my girl! ;-)

We've been playing Texas Hold'em for about a year now, and really enjoy it. We play for fun, certainly not cashing in for chips or vice versa. That said, we are going to start having a small entry fee to cover snacks and beverages, because it gets a little expensive to cover it ourselves all the time.

Oh, that reminds me, I've started playing on CasinoFatCat as well. My brother-in-law showed it to me, it's really fun, and totally free (no strings attached). It looks like they use the same software uses, which is a real-money game. CasinoFatCat is pretty cool, it's community/team oriented. You can actually win prizes if you collect enough FatChips, pretty amazing considering it's completely free.

If you sign up, please use the link above, they'll throw me some free FatChips for the referral. ;-)

Written on January 5, 2005