Mac OS X Backup planning Rsync Backup System

I found this doing some Google searches today for backup solutions for Mac OS X. I was pretty disappointed I couldn't find any thorough reviews/comparisons of Mac OS X backup software packages.

Future Shop had 250GB Western Digital hard drives on sale for $129.99 (and 120GB for $69.99, both prices after rebates), so I bought one of each, and found an IOGEAR FW800/USB2 enclosure at CompuSmart for $149. I'm going to put the 250GB drive in the enclosure and the 120 in a Mac so I can run Linux, and maybe even Tiger on it.

I couldn't find a backup program for Mac OS X that didn't have a limitation that bothered me, so I'm looking at using either psync or rsyncx.

I plan to back up 2 PowerBooks and a PowerMac to the enclosure. I'm not yet sure exactly how I'm going to proceed. Too many options, but I think I should partition the drive, one for each computer to back up, and run rsyncx or psync to copy the data to the firewire drive.

I think I should also make a smallish partition on the drive (20GB or so) that has a separate bootable Panther installation to use in emergency situations.

If you're backing up your Mac OS X systems to an external drive, how are you doing it?

Written on December 28, 2004