Close call with PowerBook

I just had a close call with my PowerBook. Our doorbell rang, and my dog (who always goes nuts when the doorbell rings) jumped up and snagged her hind leg on the power cord for my new PowerBook.

Instinctively I quickly pulled the plug from the PowerBook so it wouldn't damage the connector, which is already a little sensitive (and has been since I bought it).

I plugged it back in, but the green light on the end of the plug didn't turn on. Oh great. So she wrecked it, on Christmas eve, there's no way I can get it back quickly if I send it in for service.

I've been down in my office frantically copying data from the PowerBook to my work PowerMac. While the copying was going on I went upstairs to get the power adapter, in case I needed to send that in too. Oh. It's... not plugged into the wall... right on!

I guess she yanked the power adapter out of the wall (plugged in behind the couch), but I thought the problem was on the other end of the equation!

False alarm, power connector works fine. :) Phew!

Written on December 24, 2004