The Spaminatrix - cAsEKeYS anti-spam?

For my last post I went over to Afterwards I saw they had some new animations, one of which is The Spaminatrix. It's hilarious!

I thought, that's funny, they came up with this silly anti-spam idea for the animation. But then I saw this on the page:

"This animation was created for GeoBytes, Inc. an anti-spam technology company to highlight their CaseKeys anti-spam technology. "

You... must... be... joking.

Uhh, apparently not.

Reading a little more about it... looks semi-interesting, basically if you are sent an email and the case of your address doesn't match the case you gave the recipient, they are sent an email to verify their identity. Of course the problem with all of these challenge-response systems is you end up sending e-mail to all the people who send you spam, which either verifies your e-mail address if the return address actually works, and either way clogs up mail servers and adds to the e-mail waste.

To use it properly/fully it looks like you need plugins for whatever mail reader you're using.


Written on December 20, 2004