zasync 1.0 zasync 1.0

"zasync is a Zope 2 product that enables tasks to be done asynchronously. If your application needs to allow users to request that a long-running job be performed, but the user (and the Zope thread) shouldn't be tied up waiting for the job to complete, zasync is one possible solution."

But wait there's more... ;-)

"zasync is comprised of two sides: the side that lives in Zope and allows users to make asynchronous calls and poll for results; and the worker that actually does the jobs. The worker is intended to be pluggable, maybe eventually supporting workers that live within the main Zope process so that developer boxes and low-load servers can use a worker simply. However, zasync 1.0 ships with a single worker: a ZEO client driven by the Twisted reactor."

Twisted? Very cool. Especially since this code is newly open-sourced from the Zope Corporation.

Written on December 19, 2004