Mary Hodder blames Brent for her mistakes

Mary Hodder on Napsterization: Don't F*** with My Data

Mary is seriously pissed off that her copy of NNW lost data.

"I emailed them. And they knew they blew it, offering a refund, and said they'll fix this eventually. But they don't understand! I'm tracking data on tons of services, people, companies, websites, blogs, projects, as well as reading feeds. This is fucking social media after all, people. And it's my work, professional and academic. It's a huge part of what I do. This is aweful!

I don't want a fucking refund. I NEED the data. Morons."

I asked Mary which version of NNW she was using. She said 2.0b3.

So... Brent is to blame for her using BETA software for mission-critical professional and academic data warehousing? No, Brent is not to blame.

I offered Mary some free advice... increase redundancy, have a working backup strategy, and don't use beta software for critical data management.

I think Mary should apologize to Brent, but I didn't ask her to on her site. That's up to her to figure out. Hopefully she'll do the right thing.

Written on December 17, 2004