Plone 2.0.5 for Mac OS X

I just uploaded the Plone 2.0.5 installer for Mac OS X to SourceForge and updated the Available downloads page on

This new version includes newer versions of Python and Zope, as well as built-in support for PIL (thanks to Johnie for getting it building properly in our standalone build!).

One thing I just thought about... say you have a Plone instance (2.0.4 or earlier) that you've installed Archetypes 1.3 in. If you run the upgrade_2.0.5 script on that instance, it will be "upgraded" to Archetypes 1.2.5rc5, the standard version that comes with Plone Core 2.0.5. Perhaps the upgrade script should compare version numbers. Right now what it does is replace products in the instance's Products folder with the version from the latest Plone Core. Of course it doesn't touch products that aren't in Plone Core, so if you installed PloneArticle or something like that, it wouldn't be touched.

I think the upgrade script is meant for people who run things standard. People who manually install add-ons and such are not likely to run the script or will read the script before running it. Hopefully that issue doesn't affect anyone. In any case, the old products are backed up of course, they aren't just deleted.

Written on December 15, 2004