Apple/Moto iPhone + Bluetooth + iPod flash?

I've been thinking more about the iPod flash this afternoon. A friend told me my thoughts about the iPod flash were linked to from the The Cult of Mac Blog... here's Leander's final remark:

"However, how much power does a Bluetooth chip draw? Maybe too much for a tiny flash player. Also, using an external device seems alien to Apple's design tastes: nice idea, but too clunky."

True, Apple almost never does anything clunky anymore. What about that Apple/Moto iPhone rumour? If Apple did the UI for that phone, and the Bluetooth/iPod flash idea was true as well, there would be a very non-clunky way to control an iPod flash from it.

But Apple would never stop there. Of course there will be things about it that just make your jaw completely drop. Like, how about being able to use the iPod flash as a Bluetooh headset? How about it automatically pausing your iPod when an incoming call comes in and telling you who's calling?

Oh, and I don't think Bluetooth would be too big a power draw. I haven't heard rampant complaints about Bluetooth keyboards and mice, I doubt it would be a big deal for an iPod. It's always a trade-off though. You turn on Bluetooth, your battery life will not be as high as it would be without it.

This is all just wild speculation on my behalf, but it's fun to think of what crazy stuff might be right around the corner. ;-)

Written on December 12, 2004