Another great SubEthaEdit experience

My CSC230 project partner and I were working on the project yesterday. We used SubEthaEdit. He used my old PowerBook G3, and I used my current PowerBook G4. I was able to easily show him what I was working on and vice versa by sharing documents. And it's a decent editor too, of course. Syntax-colouring, function popup menu, and it's based on the Cocoa text subsystem so it's feature-rich.

He really wants SEE on Windows. Actually I think he really wants it on Linux, I think he's a Linux user, but he said Windows. Maybe he has WINE installed or something. Now that they use BEEP instead of Distributed Objects (DO) for their IAC, that should be possible. My guess is they are using the license fees from the Mac version to fund development of a Windows version. I hope so anyway, that would be brilliant. SubEthaEdit would be much more valuable to everyone if it ran on Windows and Linux too.

If they don't do it, and the open source community fills the whole in something like Eclipse, the Coding Monkeys are going to lose the first-mover advantage. I think they deserve to succeed for sharing this innovation.

Written on November 21, 2004