Broward machines count backward

Broward machines count backward

My CSC230 teacher would love that one.

I've seen a lot of articles lately about vote counting discrepancies. One I've read (but not yet confirmed, so consider it hearsay) is that Bush had huge numbers in precincts where the Dems had significant registration majorities, but only in precincts where Diebold optical scanners were used.

Looking at some of the data cited for this one, it's pretty brutal. It almost looks like Bush was given Kerry's votes and vice versa, if you assume there is any correlation between registration patterns and voting patterns (which sounds pretty reasonable to me, anyone care to debunk that assumption?).

BTW, note that Diebold's CEO is a "poineer level" Bush fundraiser/supporter, who "committed to helping Ohio deliver its electoral votes to the president."

I haven't been following US media much if at all since last Thursday or so. Is there much talk about voting/counting irregularities going on? If not, why not? Some of these situations, like having many times more votes in a precinct than there are registered voters, is a VERY serious concern. Like bbum said, if it happens on one of those machines it's likely it happened on more than one. The thing about software is "freak occurrences" don't happen often. If you deploy the same software to 100 machines, and it fails on one, it will likely fail on all of them.

Written on November 9, 2004