CFL rules rule

Calgary Sun: Plain Goofy

The coach of the CFL's Calgary Stampeders called a very, very unorthodox play last week, one essentially out of Rubgy (which is what football is derived from) that is still legal in the CFL. The BC Lions owner thinks allowing that play is a bad idea. I agree with the author of the story, I like it, I like that the CFL is different than the NFL, specifically in the ways that encourage action and creativity. Matt Dunnigan is quoted mentioning one of the big reasons I cannot stand watching NFL games... they stop playing before the game is over. And they do that because the rules are set up that way. It's stupid.

There are many more things I dislike about NFL football, but I'd rather focus on saying I really enjoy watching CFL football.

Go Esks Go!

Written on October 27, 2004