iPod Photo, but still no iTMS Canada

Of course, barely a month after I get an iPod, Apple comes out with iPod Photo. I've got geek envy but really, I'm not sure what I'd do with the photo capabilities. Maybe if I had a portable digital camera (I don't consider my Nikon Coolpix 4500 portable, I really want a 5MP Canon Digital Elph) I would take even more pictures and (for some reason) want to carry them with me, show them on other people's TVs or sync them with other computers. But I kind of doubt it.

For people who travel, and for many others, I'm sure they could find good uses for it. I think this is just Apple's way of dipping its toes in expanding the iPod platform. Really, I think this was Apple's plan all along, "iPod" doesn't say or mean music in any way, but they had to start somewhere and build market share through a simple vehicle, and music was simple. Keeping the original iPod focused kept the price down and the message clear.

What's next? Clearly they aren't done. Videos? iPod DVD? iPod HDTV? Eventually it's iPod Digital Lifestyle, so you can carry your whole iLife on your iPod.

But what after that? Video games? Uhhh, why not? It needs more buttons to be a good game player, and more video horsepower, and why would people make games for it? That's probably why not, it's a very tough, expensive sell. Maybe at some point they'll be able to get Mac OS X or Windows running on the iPod and it'll be your PC.

You can already boot Mac OS X (or Windows?) off the iPod, so maybe what Apple needs is a diskless computer that the iPod plugs into to boot. Taking the idea further, what if you could hibernate your Mac OS X session onto the iPod (kind of like saving a Virtual PC session, or... hibernating a Windows laptop?) so that when you plug in your laptop you don't have to actually boot OS X and log in and restart your apps, you just plug it in and wake up your session and keep on running? That would kick so much ass.

On another subject... I'm starting to wonder if Apple hates Canada, or couldn't care less. Another 9 countries get access to the iTMS, including Luxembourg, for crying out loud, and still no iTMS Canada.

What the flying fuck? Who's head do I need to roll to get this moving?

Here's the real question... which will Canada get first? iTMS or NHL hockey?


Written on October 26, 2004