Canon PIXMA iP4000 printer... oooh, duplex!

Yesterday my broken Epson C82 was replaced (under warranty) with a Canon PIXMA iP4000 photo-printer. Future Shop wanted to give me an Epson C84 but I told them no more Epsons. I paid the difference between the C84 and the iP4000... about $55CDN+tax.

I got screwed because the printer they replaced had full ink cartridges I had put in because I thought my old cartridges were just dry, but it turned out the printer was wrecked, and the C84 uses different cartridges. They wouldn't buy me new inks for the C84 or the Canon, so basically I threw away full ink cartridges. They gave me a (rather pathetic IMHO) 10% discount on inks for my new printer.

The reason I got the iP4000 over the iP3000 which was the same price as the C84 was that it has duplex capabilities! And for me that's perfect because it means I can print out notes from my classes using half the paper, meaning half the weight and half the volume taken up in my backpack, and half the paper costs. Last night I printed all of the CSC230 slides, 2-up duplex. Duplex mode is a little slow but it's worth it. I love the printer so far.

My friend Bruce who runs SOHO Computer Services (a Mac shop) ONLY sells Canon printers, scanners and cameras. He's had too much trouble with other brands, and just about never had a problem with a Canon. My first inkjet was a Canon BJC-600, and we also have a BJC-85 (the portable colour inkjet), and both are great, so why I delved into Epson land is beyond me.

Written on October 20, 2004