I think Apple needs infomercials

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Poor Damien, he got pulled into helping disinfect and remove spyware from a significant number of student machines (that is, the Windows-based computers) at a University in Manhattan.

I feel the same way as Damien (and Dori, who made a good comment on his post). I cannot understand how people devalue themselves and their time so much that they would put themselves in the position of using a Windows-based computer. For many, it's all they can initially afford or they don't know what alternatives like the Mac can do for them, but I think most don't realize how costly a Windows box can get today with all of its security flaws.

IMO, that knowledge gap is Apple's fault. Their marketing is so style-driven, people have no idea what Mac OS X does or how great its computers actually are on the inside. For years I have thought, if Apple just produced and aired a half-hour infomercial about using their computers, they would sell way way more. After all, if informercials can entice people to buy $3000 Bowflex machines and other interesting products, Apple can entice people to buy a Mac. Phil Schiller would be a great host for those shows! :-)

Just about everyone I show my Mac to ends up with a far better opinion about Mac OS X and Macs in general. I think that's a fair statement for most Mac users that can talk themselves out of a paper bag. And Apple does it very well at their Apple retail stores; they still sell 45% of their computers to Windows switchers. I read recently their stores are now within 15-minutes of half of the US population. Infomercials can reach that other half, and the portion of the population close to their stores that wouldn't otherwise think of going in or trying a Mac.

Students have it even better, getting pretty generous discounts on Apple's hardware and software.

Maybe Apple is producing and selling as many Macs as it has capacity and supply to build. But I highly, highly doubt that.

Written on October 18, 2004