Midterm redux

This morning our Calculus class re-took our first midterm. Yes, the exact... same... midterm! Dr. Hewgill hasn't announced what he's going to do with the marks for this midterm yet. I hope it will count for something. I'm quite confident I got 100% or at worst 95% on the midterm, assuming I made a couple of stupid mental errors. I know I got all the answers right, because I reviewed the test several times and know all the answers now and how to do all the work. But it is possible I messed up a sign or something showing my work, which the marker would deduct marks for. Still, a huge improvement from < 50%.

My Logic & Foundations (Math 122) teacher told me she thinks I got a mark somewhere in the high-twenties out of 36 on the midterm I took last Friday. Hopefully I'll get that midterm back this Friday.

Again, I have to say, both of my tutors deserve credit for getting me this far. I deserve credit for having the courage to call them and for actually going to them consistently, but their talent rubbed off enough to get me this far without seriously considering dropping my courses. :-)

Dr. Hewgill reminded us, during today's test, that we have our second midterm next Friday. Oh wonderful. You know, it really sucks having all these midterms staggered like this. Years ago, classes had one (or no) midterm and one final. Midterms happened around the same time as did finals, of course.

This term, one class has 3 midterms, two have 2, and one has 1. This means I'm doing midterms nearly every week from now until a few weeks before finals because they are all staggered. Which of course means I'm constantly being forced to redirect more attention from work than I had anticipated. C'est la vie. I think next term I might only take 3 courses... Math 201, Math 222, and CSC 225. I really want to take SENG 310 next term, which is Human Computer Interaction, because I don't think it's offered very often, but unless it is a course with a light work load, I don't think I could pull it off. Those other 3 courses are going to be very hard. The only other course I could possibly put off is CSC 225, but I'd rather take that while all the math is in my head. I could possibly do it during the summer but I'm hoping to keep the summer clear so I can just work full time.

Once those three courses tough are behind me, I think (read: hope and pray!) I'm over the hump. So I just have to persevere until the end of April. I just hope my customers will still love me 6 months from now! :-) So far everyone has been so understanding and patient, and I'm really grateful for it.

Written on October 14, 2004