Mathematica for Students + Calculus Wiz?

I'm seriously considering buying Wolfram's Mathematica for Students and Calculus Wiz programs. I used Maple yesterday to work through some problems I couldn't grok and it was great. Sorry Maplesoft, that I would say I used your software and want to buy a competitors... but Maple does not run on OS X natively, I think there might be a Java version but I want something native, since I'm not running a dual G5 here. :-) Despite all of my searching I can't find any information about what Maple can do on the Mac.

Looking over the Mathematica site, it looks very very good, and it's fully OS X native. Anyone have experience with Mathematica or Calculus Wiz that can advise for or against getting them? Is Maple better, and if so, so much better I should run it in Virtual PC instead of Mathematica?

Written on October 14, 2004