You are responsible

Edwin Gore's weblog: An open letter from Ann Pettigrew to Bush and Rumsfeld (and those who voted for Bush)

I feel the same way about who is responsible. This will probably hurt the feelings of some of my Republican friends, but my anger and frustration over what has happened and continue to happen unchecked since 9/11 has gotten to the point I refuse to hold only the administration accountable.

If you voted for Bush, you let things get to where they are. If you vote for him again and he wins, you accept where things are, in Iraq and at home as being good, and further, accept responsibility for the consequences of decisions he makes in a second term. If things continue to spiral downwards after the next election because Bush wins, you are responsible.

Yes, the world is at war, and yes, the world is not as it was, but that doesn't mean there is only one way forward that will work.

Please don't vote for Bush/Cheney.

Written on October 13, 2004