NFL players like their cap-oriented CBA NFL Players Union President Refutes Goodenow Claim; Praises Salary Cap

Awesome. The president of the NFLPA (Buffalo Bills defensive back Troy Vincent) has publicly stated that NFL players like their CBA, which includes a salary cap, and is looking to extend their CBA with the NFL.

So Trevor Linden (and other NHL players), why can't you accept what works for the most successful league in North America? Do you think its your birthright to make a completely unlimited amount of money on the backs of fans and at the expense of the owners willing to take the risks that make the sport possible in the first place?

If the NHLPA won't negotiate, I hope the NHL busts this union into non-existence. It's telling that a lot of NHL players were happy with the idea of playing for the new WHA, which would have had a per-team salary cap. It didn't take long for the PA to squelch those kind of statements.

Written on October 10, 2004