School Update, end of 2nd week back

Combinatorials, no problem, counting is fun. :-) Linguistics, super cool. Computer Architecture and assembly, geeky goodness. Calculus... holy shit.

I'm understanding all of the concepts and methods, but when it comes time to performing a method, I am often getting stumped when it comes time to find the antiderivative of the function. What i need to do is practice, practice, practice. And then practice some more.

And I need to do that right away, because I can't practice the methods fast enough right now because of this slowdown. Unfortunately, I also have a lot of work commitments that also need my attention. And I have assignments/labs to do.

I'm going to have to sequester myself somewhere to make this work. That means I probably won't be a very good daddy for a while. :-(

I hope that when my children are old enough they will understand why I had to be away from them so much during this period. (This period could be years, unless I get into a rhythm and find more time somehow!) I expect that until then it's possible they might resent the time I give so many other personal priorities instead of them. Cheryl and I will just have to do a good job communicating with them and I'll need to do whatever I can to make our limited quality time special.

Maybe I should have taken 3 courses instead of 4.

Any suggestions?

Written on September 17, 2004