Getting what you deserve?

Today on Scripting News, Dave Winer said:

"Never has a ticket had so little to offer as George Bush and Dick Cheney do. They're the shame of this country, and if we re-elect them we totally deserve what we get. IMHO."

I've been saying that since the last election was resolved. At the time I was stunned that the US could be so foolish to elect such an underqualified candidate. I felt the opposition deserved to lose for letting it get so close in the first place!

So in late 2000 and early 2001 I often said the country (but especially Democrats) deserved Bush for letting it be close.* Never did I think Bush would do the opposite of what he said he'd do during his campaign, and I had no idea that some of the people he'd surround himself with would be so extreme. No, the US didn't deserve the Bush 43 it got. It deserved the one that campaigned. That Bush was nearly tolerable, especially in comparison to today's.

* and that's where I was naive, because my personal memory of US politics and values only stretched back as far as Reagan and I had never met right-wing Republican people. I knew essentially nothing about American politics. Live and learn!

This time though, everyone should be going into the election with both eyes open. If Bush is voted in again, it means the American people really did want what Bush created since he took office and they want more of the same. And in that case, I imagine they'll get it, unless he turns into yet another Bush. The saving grace will be knowing someone else will be President of the US in 2008.

Anybody but Bush, this time and next. Pretty-please.

Written on September 10, 2004