It's September, that means UVic

I was beaming this morning when I realized it was September. Since February when I announced I was going back to school, people have been asking me "so when do you start school?" I answer "September", or more recently, since I know more accurately, "September 8th".

Now it's September, so my answer will be "a week from today", or starting tomorrow, "next Tuesday". Wow... after nearly 7 months of waiting, school is just around the corner. Holy shit.

I went today for another math session. Finally got into logarithms, some derivatives and simple integration. I'm going to get my butt kicked but I've got backup this time! Thanks Mark! It's awesome having a tutor who has also been a high-school Math teacher, he knows how to teach.

Afterwards, I went to the UVic Computer Store and traded in the sleeve I bought for my new PowerBook for a Kensington SaddleBag Sport. I also met up with a long-time Apple rep I met a couple of times back in '99, and had a good conversation.

Afterwards, I went and picked up my student ID (I was so stoked, that's when it really felt official again!) and then signed up for my UVic NetLink account, which provides me with access to the computers around UVic, an email account, dialup (could come in handy), etc. I lucked out and got the id "jr", so I've got a really short, and IMHO, a really cool email address. ;-) The only way this could be cooler is if I was living in residence. :-)

Oh, and I was happy to hear that the Wi-Fi situation is improving at UVic, it's not limited to just one floor of the library now, they have it in a couple of other places too.

It's a small world, the guy at the computer lab counter is part of Very Tasteful, who are putting on a show that Cheryl and I are planning on going to this weekend.

On the way home it was hitting me again how close I am to finally getting back. I'm so excited, I might have a hard time keeping myself together next Tuesday morning.

Written on September 2, 2004