New Powerbook

This is my first post on my new Apple PowerBook G4! My old PowerBook G3 has been less and less friendly to me lately, and this week we finally had to bite the bullet. Unfortunately it only has 256MB of RAM right now, they didn't have the 512's I wanted in stock, but that'll have to do until next week.

Apple had an iPod/PowerBook bundle deal on, so I've got a 40GB iPod on order too. :-) With the discount, it's priced comparably to a 40GB external firewire drive, and it's obviously a lot more versatile. Considering I planned on buying backup storage anyway, this deal was perfect for me!

I'm slowly moving things over to this new machine throughout the evening while I work on other things.

It's been a crazy month altogether, no posts since early August!. Renovations are done, getting ready to go back to school in September (after 10 years away).

My math skills suck compared to where they need to be, but I have two great tutors at UVic that are helping tremendously and I'm confident about things.

Lots of things to talk about actually, but no time at the moment.

Damn this PowerBook gets hot. *sigh*

Written on August 27, 2004