My preciousssss carpetsssss

Finally, carpet was installed upstairs today! It should have been done more than 2 weeks ago, but better late than never I suppose.

Now we can start moving things upstairs from the basement. I'm taking the day off tomorrow to do that. Movers are coming in the morning to help us swap couches back with my in-laws (we swapped when I moved to SF because the sectional I'm getting back was too big to take with us, and it wouldn't work in our last house), and then move the heavy stuff from the basement upstairs.

Once the movers are done we will be left with loads of boxes and other sundry items, and things like my computers which I will want to move myself. Shaw Cable is also coming tomorrow to switch our service from downstairs to upstairs.

Once the basement is empty we can start removing the carpets and painting the walls. Next Wednesday, new carpet will be installed in the basement.

Over the last few weeks I have been taking pictures of the renovation work, but not every day like at the beginning when there was so much progress being made every day. Once the carpet was delayed there was no big rush to get everything done ASAP.

I'm hoping to get more photo albums up on the .Mac Renovations photo-journal some time next week. I'm not sure how many more I can fit in my 100MB quota, it's getting pretty full so I'll have to be selective. :-(

If I'm lucky I might even get to go see the new Harry Potter movie next week! I hope it's still in the theatres!!!

Written on July 9, 2004