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Dori on Backup Brain re: outage

"Imo, the blame should be laid, 100%, on UserLand. They fucked up. They dumped 3000 weblogs on a guy (self-described as being in poor health) with inadequate hosting and inadequate support."

I totally agree, however, I'm guessing that neither Dave or UserLand thought the performance was going to be such an issue (I'm assuming here it's the performance, ie: the number of hits the server could handle, that was the issue, not the bandwidth), and once it was moved it was going to be hard (enough) to move it back that they didn't want to. Also, I'm speculating that there was an agreement between UserLand Old (Dave Winer) and UserLand New (Scott Young's company) to have those sites transferred by a certain date... the timing was just really bad, with Dave moving and everything.

Sure Dave could have tried harder to communicate with people first, his assumption that it would have been hard seems strange considering these people are webloggers, the active ones likely read weblogs, and news like that travels far and fast, but he didn't and that's moot at this point. I wonder if Dave wanted to avoid a prolonged period of angry people objecting to the shut-off leading up to the time the axe fell. Either way, doesn't really matter, but in the end, Dori is right, "I think that UserLand should have to deal with the bad reputation that you get when you treat people like this."

Didn't it think beforehand, "boy this is going to piss off hundreds if not thousands of Manila users"? Didn't they realize that it would damage the goodwill their fan base has for them, and send that base looking for more reliable alternatives??

And another thing, assuming it had a choice in the matter, I think UserLand made a big mistake by giving up Long term, that domain is likely worth more than the rest of their company's assets combined. All in all, if this is how they operate, I think UserLand New is doomed, so I'm even more grateful that Dave is releasing Frontier as open source.

Hopefully Dave feels better soon and the affected sites are running again shortly. I'm going through a massive amount of change right now, and it's draining and confusing... being sick enough to need 3 doctor's appointments in 2 days would just make things 100x worse.

Written on June 17, 2004